Lenard was already OSRS Gold in the air and even when he was cming dwn He didnt let the shter cme dwn cleanly which led t the injury Its a mve ppularized by frmer Spurs player Bruce Bwen wh admitted that the purpse f it was t make the shter rll his ankle A few years ag Dahntay Jnes did the same thing t Kbe Bryant when the Lakers played the Atlanta Hawks


 Kbe was shting a fadeaway ptentially gamewinning jumper frm the right and Jnes slide under him Kbe landed n Jnes ft and suffered a severely sprained ankle because f it Kbe later lashed ut n saying Yu just cant g underneath shters man thats a dangerus play When asked if he thught the play was intentinally dirty Kbe refused t label it as such Instead he


said that defenders need t be cnscius f hw dangerus it is and that referees need t prtect the shters Im always cnscius f it When I g t cntest shts Im always very cnscius abut making sure I dnt walk underneath them Its just a very very dangerus play Especially if Im fading away theres n rhyme r reasn why I shuld cme dwn anywhere near smebdys ft Kbe Bryant


 Kbes view n the issue is ne shared by almst  runescape gold everyne else Even Glden State Warrirs assistant cach Bruce Fraser said the same thing abut prtecting Stephen Curry frm that type f dangerus defenseKawhi landing n Zazas ft reminds me f what GSW asst cach Bruce Fraser said when Id asked him hw much he wrries abut Stephs ankles picnh Pabl S Trre PablTrre


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